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2020: BIG Things Happening at IAG

This past year was full of exciting changes and achievements, making for one of IAG’s greatest years yet. We would like to thank our loyal clients and IAG team members for making it all possible. We couldn’t do what we do without each of you and we hope you are just as satisfied with the business relationship we have fostered together over the past year. That being said, we’d like to recognize some of our greatest achievements of 2019:

2019 – The Year of Change

Among our growing team with several new hires in 2019, we also grew our partnerships allowing us to expand our service offerings. We now offer Cyber Security Insurance through our partnership with Parassure. In addition to insurance, pairing up with CompliancyGroup has enabled us to enhance our security and compliance services as well.

Late October, we published our new website with more in-depth information about IAG and what we do. We are excited to formally launch our monthly blog beginning in January! The fresh website reflects some other changes we made throughout the year, including a total message rebrand which better conveys our goals as a company and a new look to go with it. If you haven’t received a new mouse pad yet, you can be expecting one this year!

2020 – BIG Expectations

While 2019 marked a significant turning point at IAG through new partnerships, new hires, and a growing client base, we have even greater expectations for 2020 and are thrilled to share what we have to look forward to!

In February, the corporate office in Lubbock, TX, will be relocating to a new building where we can expand our team to better serve you. We are rolling out some new technology in the year ahead as well which has the potential to completely change the way we do IT. We hope you’ll stick around to see what we have to offer and do 2020 BIG with Integrated Axis Group!

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