Integrated Axis Group

About Us

At Integrated Axis Group, we believe in empowering businesses to be the best they can be by using the right technologies. Our purpose and passions are rooted in serving people with thoughtful attention to how each individual business model operates. We custom build your technology infrastructure so you can work in confidence knowing you have exactly what you need. Our managed it services are designed to complement one another allowing for complete integration. We deliver the highest quality products and services to reduce time, money and stress, so you can focus on your customers.

Our Vision

Since 1999, Integrated Axis Group (IAG) has been defining what managed services means for our customers. We have served as advisers in the Dental and Medical Information Systems space, driving mission-critical objectives from the planning and design phase to implementation, compliancy and support. We don’t just work with Dental and Medical clients; IAG serves financial services, legal and SMB’s. While these clients face many of the same operation and technical issues, we take an individual approach to each one.

At IAG, we know that our clients depend on us. Our seasoned team of industry experts never settles for the status quo. We are always searching for ways to proactively prevent downtime and eliminate threats. When we partner with a client, we bring them into the IAG family. Our team members are also considered our IAG family. We value our family dynamic, and we know that our clients do, too.

With decades of combined experience at our fingertips, our recommendations are strategic and account for business goals and operations. We understand that budgets are limited, and actions must be prioritized. That’s why we offer our customers guidance that is both cost-effective and efficient. With so much at stake in today’s information-rich world, no detail can be overlooked. We have been an industry leader since 1999, and we have never looked back. We truly partner with our clients.

Wesley Robinson
President / CEO


Wesley Robinson

President & CEO

Scott Shackelford

Vice President of Finance and Administration

TJ Boren

Chief Technology Officer

Thomas Kane

Director of Strategic Partnerships

Samuel Legg

Senior Account Manager

Steven Longstreth

Lead Senior Systems Engineer

Rebecca Beams

Web Designer/Developer

Cody Tinkler

Onboarding Project Manager

Stephanie Stevens

Service Coordinator

Gemini King

Senior Technical Specialist

Corbin Gardner

Senior Technical Specialist

John Primeaux

Senior Technical Specialist

Tyler Hagen

Technical Specialist

Michael Flowers

Technical Specialist

Patrick Bouy

Technical Specialist

Paul Cuellar

Junior Technical Engineer

Kelly Busse

Finance & Accounting Specialist