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IAG Employee Spotlight: Gemini King


Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

How Long Have You Been Working at IAG?

5 years

What Was Your First Title at IAG?

Technical Support

What is Your Current Title at IAG?

Junior System Engineer

Why Do You Like Working at IAG?

First thought would be the people that I work with. Very team oriented without individual agendas. Management is also easy to speak with. They are not always focused on you as an employee but as a person. This job also allows me to support a wife in her career after following me for 12 years in the military.

How Did IAG Contribute to Your Professional Growth?

Constant interaction with clients has helped me improve how I communicate with people. The experiences of working at client offices has also taught me things that make doing future jobs faster and more precise. Getting the certification I have and the opportunity to get more that are related to my job are invaluable.

In Your Opinion Why Others Should Apply to Work at IAG?

Close knit work environment that provides opportunities to expand your skill set and move up in the company. Management is also pretty awesome!

What is IAG For You?

After 5 years, IAG is a job that has turned into a career in IT.

What is Your Greatest Achievement at IAG?

Each successful year that the company has.

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