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Disaster prevention and disaster recovery

Disaster Prevention

Your data is arguably your most valuable business asset, which is why we do more than just back up your data – we protect and verify it. Handling data loss can be a costly and potentially devastating business experience. Data loss not only reduces productivity, it damages your business credibility and reputation. We can help you mitigate the risk of data loss by implementing a Disaster Prevention and Recovery Plan based on proven and cost-effective backup and data storage procedures. 

IntegrateIT Cloudsafe

We implement an image-based Backup and Disaster Recovery Device (BDR) that captures snapshots of a server every few minutes, including its data, operating system, applications, and configurations, and replicates those images to the Cloud. Our backup services, in addition to the BDR, allow for business continuity, the ability to resume operations during a cyber-attack, natural disaster, or human error, and disaster recovery, the ability to recover one or more applications and IT services during and after an emergency.


Server BDR: $200 /server /mo
Workstation Backup: $125 /workstation /mo
BDR Additional Storage 1TB: $60
BDR Additional Storage 500GB: $30

IntegrateIT CloudFile Essential File Backup

Designed to remotely backup specified files and folders, this solution provides an option when a full, image-based backup is not necessary.


Essential Backup 50GB: $30 /workstation /mo
Essential Backup 100GB: $50 /workstation /mo

IntegrateIT Sync and Share Collaboration Tools

Streamline team collaboration with the ability to group, sync, and back up files to the cloud in a single platform.


$20 /workstation /mo

IntegrateIT Office 365 Backups

Backup your email accounts, SharePoint and Teams data, allowing recovery of any files that have been deleted or altered.


Backup Service: $4 /workstation
Backup Monitoring: $49 /workstation /mo