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Security and compliance - audit checklist

Security & Compliance


Integrated Axis Group understands the severity of compromised data, so we take a proactive approach by informing and preparing our clients for the inevitable threats every business encounter. Our multi-layer security solutions significantly reduce the risk of productivity and data loss. From robust virus protection solutions to properly protecting you and your customers’ data, Integrated Axis Group combats detected threats with end-to-end solutions for all your security needs.

IntegrateIT SecurityPlus Suite

Because anti-virus alone is no longer enough to keep your business safe, we implement a complete, layered security solution to battle the ever-changing cyber threat landscape.  

  • Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware Applications 
  • SIEM Solution – Detects threats that have already penetrated the network and stops the threat before it expands or is able to breach your security. 
  • DNS Filtering – By verifying the DNS information on traffic coming into your network, we can identify malicious domains and blocked from entering.

$6 /workstation

IntegrateIT Firewall Management

Cisco Meraki’s Layer 7 Next Gen Firewall gives us the ultimate control over your network by filtering through incoming and outgoing internet traffic, ridding of potentially risky content. The advanced security services include: 

  • Content filtering 
  • Intrusion detection & prevention (IDS/IPS) 
  • Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) 
  • Cisco Threat Grid2

$25 /mo per location

Email Security

Email is the most common source of malware, ransomware, and social engineering attacks. Our email security solutions protect your email platform, stopping known threats before reaching your inbox.

Cyber Security Insurance

Cyber threats are on the rise, affecting businesses of all sizes, along with the cost of data breaches. Data breach insurance is not only a smart business investment, but an essential one. Partnering with Parassure, we offer various cyber insurance policies to protect your financial interests in the event of data loss.

Security Awareness Training

It is paramount that each individual accessing the network understand the risks associated with Cyber Security. We provide various educational materials to assist in keeping your staff informed and vigilant in protecting your critical business data.

Business Compliance

Maintaining compliance is a tedious task, but enduring an audit is an even more disrupting and expensive process. If your organization is equipped and prepared for any potential audit, you can save thousands while maintaining productivity. 

In the event you do not meet the relevant requirements, we will prepare a project plan based on past performance reports. You can be confident in your IT environment, knowing your business abides by government laws with our monthly compliance reports. 

IntegrateIT Compliance Certification

Partnering with the leading HIPAA Compliance provider, we assist in not only ensuring your technology meets HIPAA requirements, but your business operations do as well.  Prevent catastrophic losses caused by regulatory non-compliance, data breaches, and human error.

IntegrateIT Office 365 Email Encryption

We offer Encryption Services designed to support the increasing volumes of confidential and sensitive information traversing networks on a daily basis. Our encryption solution serves as a vital component of an overall email security strategy, securing confidential data while continuing to allow the free flow of communication between colleagues, customers and partners.


$2 /workstation

IntegrateIT CloudSafe

We implement an image-based Backup and Disaster Recovery Device (BDR) that captures snapshots of a server every few minutes, including its data, operating system, applications, and configurations, and replicates those images to the Cloud. This solution addresses HIPAA regulations that require all data to be backed up offsite.


Workstation Backup: $75 /workstation
Server BDR: $250 /server
BDR Additional Storage 1TB: $60
BDR Additional Storage 500GB: $30