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IAG Employee Spotlight: Steven Longstreth


IAG Headquarters Lubbock, TX

How Long Have You Been Working at IAG?

10 Years

What Was Your First Title at IAG?

Technical Consultant

What Is Your Current Title at IAG?

Lead Senior Systems Engineer

Why Do You Like Working at IAG?

I like the kind of growth that IAG has made within the last 3 years. I really feel like we have built a “Team of Excellence.” Being surrounded by like-minded individuals all working toward the success of our company as well as our partnerships with our clientele. The bond between us all has built a culture within our company and makes working for IAG enjoyable.

How Did IAG Contribute to Your Professional Growth?

IAG has contributed to my career by allowing me to grow from my early stages as a level 1 technician, lead technician, service manager, project manager, and now lead senior systems engineer. Along the way, I have had the privilege to learn the many aspects of our company which has helped me to fully understand what it is we do and what we provide as a service to our clients.

In Your Opinion Why Others Should Apply to Work at IAG?

I think IAG has built a great working environment that strives for excellence all while sustaining one of our core values, “Healthy work environment with a servant’s heart.” Our culture is something we live, eat and breath by. It’s not something we achieve one day and not the next. We continually work to find ways to make our company a place where you feel welcomed, appreciated, and part of our success as a TEAM.

What is IAG For You?

IAG has given me a more defined path to success in my career. I feel like it has taken me to places in my career that I never would have thought to go before. It has given me tons of confidence I don’t think I could have achieved anywhere else.

What is Your Greatest Achievement at IAG?

I wouldn’t say I have one specific achievement that is better than another. I pride myself in putting maximum effort in daily. I think in the long run, that pays off for myself, the company, and everyone around me.


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